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Kaleidoscopic Verses


Vyomi Malik
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About the book:

Poetry is the song of my soul- the means by which I connect with my inner self and find my zen. It is my window to experience indescribable bliss!

In my mentor Dr. Daisaku Ikeda’s words, “It is important that we have the inner richness to be able to look up at the stars or the moon and compose a poem once in a while. When we open wide our minds and fix our gaze on the universe, we fix our gaze on our own life”.These inspiring words urged me to compile the poems that I’d been writing for the past many years on various subjects like nature, love, life and its reflections into this collection titled, “Kaleidoscopic Verses’.Verses paint the mind of a poet in the vibrant hues of a rainbow, mesmerizing with their kaleidoscopic shimmer, telling the tales of the myriad hues of life. I hope you enjoy this collection.

About the author: 

A Vice President in an International Bank, Vyomi is passionate about creating value in the field of finance and supporting the empowerment and education of women. In her spare time, she dons the hat of an internationally published poetess who indulges in her love for poetry and story-telling. Writing of every kind is akin to a spiritual routine for her as it helps her find inner bliss. In line with the philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, which she practices, Vyomi believes in spreading happiness around her and adding value to each life she touches.

Her Haikus and three line poems have been published in Haiku Journal, Three Line Poetry, Poetry Quarterly (Prolific Press publication based out of the United States of America). Her poems and short stories have been published in numerous anthologies including;The Other; by Storymirror, New Delhi and; She the Shakti; by Authorspress, New Delhi. She is also the recipient of the Bharat Award for Literature – International Short Story Contest 2018 (4th position), 2019 (10th position).

This is her second collection of poems.

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