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Best Books for a Young Girl


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9 Chocolatey Bites

From growing tails to talking ants, everything is just one big pickle in this fun collection of stories. In a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get next. Every chocolate has its very own surprise and taste, and so does every story in this book. As wishes come true and uncles go cuckoo; snowy white clouds make everything misty and unclear. The gift of a king, the valour of a girl, the beauty of friendship, a golden drop of happiness - all these would play out in front of your eyes as you flip through the pages. The wrappers of a sweet gift would come undone, once you open this beautiful present... The question is, are you ready to be surprised and savour the different flavours, each one as delightful as the next?

Munches, Punches & Manya’s Hunches

Manya isn't perfect. Just like everyone else. She throws tantrums when she doesn't get her way. She makes a mess, driving her poor mother bananas. She battles with her little sister Mehek – and it's not just a battle of words! She plays pranks on unsuspecting victims. But she also has a streak of kindness in her, and oodles of love to shower on those who don't have what she does. Walk through the winding, curvy roads of Manya's life, and feel the raindrops splashing on her face, making each moment of her journey delightful, unique and full of surprises!

Ultimate Mischief Destination

Set in a place where you are expected to be mischievous. This is a narrative of a 14 year old girl describing her ONE day at her second home, i.e., school. The narrative touches every corner of those six hours of her school, from the cruelties of Aryabhatta to an ant stealing a piece of Na 2 Co 3, from the morning prayers to afternoon mischief over water bottles. From the despotic Hitler to the plays of Rome, from migration to back rows to basketball game.

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