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Let's Peep Into The Insect World

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Author | Katie Bagli Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 74

About Book:

This book endeavours to arouse the curiosity of its readers about insects. There is a lot we can learn from these intriguing six-legged creations of Nature. Can you imagine how orderly and stream-lined the life of that pencil-point sized ant crawling towards your sugar pot could be? Or that bright red and black butterfly fluttering around your window is actually masquerading as a poisonous butterfly to fool its would-be predators? Or what you thought was some obnoxious matter moving about on a plant was actually the larva of a Tortoise-shell Beetle that has covered itself with strands of its own

excreta? Indeed, you will never cease to wonder about their awe-inspiring lives. Do go through the pages of this book to get a sneak peek into their entertaining and fascinating lives.


About the Author:

Katie Bagli is a passionate nature lover and thoroughly enjoys interacting with children. She spends much of her time writing nature-themed stories for children, conducting nature trails, wildlife workshops and story-telling. Nevertheless, she makes the time in her hectic schedule to take her very mischievous dog Chloe for walks. In addition, Katie also indulges in fun-filled, nature-related activities like writing scripts and organising puppet shows and plays. During the monsoon months her kitchen is crowded with boxes containing caterpillars which she likes to rear and observe until finally they are released as adult butterflies.

Katie has been awarded the prestigious Rex Karmaveer Global Fellowship Award 2018-2019 in appreciation of her constant efforts to sensitise the young about our planet's wildlife and the need to protect it.

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