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Maguk World - Wonderland Fairy Carousel of Poems

Author | Leoni Robens Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9788119445301 Pages | 390

About the Book:

The book contains a selection of 30 amazing poems about fairy folks. It guarantees to fill your moments with magic and quench your thirst for quirky and enjoyable stanzas of poetry!

Poems like the Mermaid with the Golden Hair, her magic happy sunshine beads, King Ombrolliet and Juliet the Sunshine Queen, Time Machine Capsule, Haunted house, Geisha girl and the Cherry Tree King, Ocean of Teal and Tears and One Drop of Love, Twelve Human Aliens- a short funny description of stars. The Iron Lady with Balloons at Bandstand, Fisher Mongers of Chimbai, Begums and the Sultan, The King, Beggar Maiden and Campanula Flower, Match Box Houses, Ghost Ship 'Destiny' and many more to mystify and amaze you! Enjoy!

About the Author:

The author goes by the nom de plume Leoni Robens, loves writing poems of love, valour, knights in shining armour, giants and mermaids. She has won a scholarship in English and won certificates for elocution, drama, singing and handwriting.The author loves cooking, gardening, painting and singing and has sung in her mother-in-law's choir for many shows performed on stage. She completed her Bachelor's degree in Commerce.


An ardent fan of funny Mister Harindranath Chattopadhyay, as well renowned poets like Oscar Wilde, Mary Howitt, Christina Rosetti poems, that inspired her throughout childhood schooling. One of her books was recently published “A Fairy's Quill” by Leoni Robens.

“Live Life to its fullest Blossom and Bloom Forever” is her motto! She lives in Mumbai with her husband, son, mother and her pet moustache Parakeet, Charlie Brown.

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