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Vodka Vagina Vanity - Tales of The Absurd

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Author | Vikram Dhawan Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | eBook Pages | 236

About the Book:

Sherry is an ageing yet stunning over the hill actor fallen on hard times. She seeks help from the four rich and powerful married men she once secretly courted. They refuse to help her out and, in turn, humiliate her. A hurt and angry Sherry directs her rage against these four men by penning a tell-all graphic autobiography with the intention of damaging their reputations and public images.

A full-fledged war breaks out between Sherry and the four rich and powerful men who would stop at nothing to prevent Sherry from publishing the book. When Sherry refuses to back down, the four men plot her assassination.

Is it the end of the road for Sherry, or perhaps she has a grand finale up her sleeve?

About the Author:

Born in the seventies, to parents whose families fled to India from Pakistan in 1947 after the Partition, Vikram Dhawan grew up in northern India in the eventful 70s and 80s. Playing in the trenches still around many years after the 1971 war, garish sterilisation campaigns, and silent Emergency days, are some of his earliest childhood memories.

Vikram is well-travelled, well-read and passionate about world history and inspired by personal experiences of soldiers, spies and survivors of wars and natural disasters across the globe.

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