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Fusion : GH - War For Time | Cosmic Reality from Another Dimension | An Engaging Science Fiction

Author | Nikhil Patidar Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9788119445554 Pages | 230

About the Book:

At Earth, we are at a critical point in time, where our understanding of scientism is deepening with the eulogies of spiritual essence. Maybe this is a universal fusion of thought which might be happening in all of cosmos! This book is aimed to frisson with these all-pervading spiritual and scientific powers, which are the basis of existence for any civilization thriving across the universe. The story is set on a galaxy named 'Eventide' which consists of a black hole called 'Cygnus'. There are planets which are entangled in the fabric of time around the black hole such that they harbor life. Civilizations across all the planets are entwined with a patent singularity named 'Solara'. Every civilization has developed their fair share of scientific technology and spiritual understanding depending upon the structure of time that they live in. There are differences of ideologies, intentions and receptivity of the divine among the societies across these civilizations, thus there is struggle.

I invite you to this exciting journey where we would fuse the apogee of scientism with the grace of spiritualism. Which is at core, an omen of change in existence, as it is at the moment on our planet. 

About the Author:

Nikhil Patidar has pursued M.Tech from SGSITS, Indore in Mechanical Engineering. A cosmic geek by childhood, he possesses a sheer fascination towards the mysteries of universe which directed him to study topics like quantum physics, occultism and spirituality. He is a poet whose work primarily engages the fanatics of mysticism and is known for the abstract tone in his collection of poems. He has developed a noble touch in marking a storyline fused with variety of cognition that he has accumulated along the way.

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