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The Yoga Manual: Illuminate Your Spiritual Path to Inner Peace in Today's Modern World | Your Personal Guide for Ancient Wisdom and Philosophical Living

Author | Vishwanath Iyer Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9788119445844 Pages | 208

About the Book:

Seeking internal harmony and peace is natural to all humans and Yoga is the ageless wisdom that Bhārat has gifted the world for achieving this goal. The Yoga Manual stays on this objective of achieving harmony while aligning Yoga with contemporary living and lifestyles.

The book can be split broadly into three sections.


1. Concepts that underpin Yoga, such as karma, dharma, guṇa, maya etc.

2. Materiality and the principles on which Yoga is founded.

3. Various types of Yoga and more importantly, the preparatory stages of Yoga, because these development aspects can be used in daily living also.

The Yoga Manual is written in a DIY (do-it-yourself) format, helping you change in a non-prescriptive manner. Additionally, the book is designed to be your best friend and act like a sounding board as you grapple with change, and like a good friend, it will keep your secrets, struggles and failures.

The dharma-cakra encapsulates the book. The objective of existence is to be at peace with ourselves and our environment, and this is possible only when the three guṇa (attributes) are balanced with each other. When we are able to achieve this, the wheel of change revolves harmoniously, resulting in a deep-seated anchor of peace within ourselves.

About the Author:

Vishwanath Iyer is a fourth-generation researcher, writer, teacher, and practitioner of yoga, hailing from one of Bhārat's oldest yoga families. An engineer with management qualifications, he has over 30 years of corporate experience in a spectrum of leadership roles across a variety of Multinational and Indian companies.

He uses this experience to integrate yoga with old and new ethos of Bharat, trying to provide a scientific explanation for the many yoga concepts and practices in a language that can be understood by today’s Bhārat. He also has a website on yoga where he writes extensively on a multitude of subjects related to yoga.

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