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Window to Ancient India : A Tryst with Ancient Science & Philosophy | Part II : Languages, Linguistic Systems and Indian Logic System vis-a-vis the Greeks

Satish S. Joglekar
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About the Book:

The canvas of India’s history, literature, science, and culture spans not just centuries, but several millennia. The series "Window to Ancient India" provides a bird’s eye view of everything Indian or simply the proverbial ‘omnibus capsule’.

The first part of the series, titled "Window to Ancient India: Chess, Board Games, and Martial Arts of India'' elaborates on the history and transmission of games like Pachisi, chess, etc. to the West via the Persians and the Arabs. Chuan-Fa practiced today can be traced to Boddhidharma's original 18 Luohan Hands.

The second part of the series, titled "Window to Ancient India: Languages, Linguistic Systems and Indian Logic System vis-a-vis the Greeks" explores Indian Grammar, Literary Criticisms, Ancient Scripts, and Indian Logic.

Readers will be interested to know that scholars have irrefutably acknowledged that Panini's system is sufficiently detailed to qualify as the earliest known computing language. The first generative grammar in the modern sense was Panini's grammar. Nowhere or at no time in pre-modern India was the proliferation of languages considered an anathema. It was only after contacts with the Europeans that the idea of a mother tongue came about in South Asia.

The non-judgemental doctrine of Nagarjuna with its inherent contradictions was never an abhorrence to Indian Logicians, leading very early on to the development of multi-valued logic. Consequently, Indians were more interested in knowing 'What is blueness?' versus 'What is blue?'.

The information presented herein is derived from an eclectic mix of sources - such as books, publications, academic papers, lectures, journals, blogs, and subject matter websites.

About the Author:

Satish Joglekar is an engineer from IIT Bombay, with a Master’s in computer science. He has worked with several software companies for more than 30 years which included a long stint at Bell Laboratories, USA. Satish is trained in Hindustani classical music and has intense interest in history, non-fiction literature, and travel.

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