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Whistling Silence (Paperback)

Author | Poignant Painters Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789386305534 Pages | 212

About the Book:

Ever wondered the importance of silence? The notes in the progression of a musical piece harnesses rhythm through them. The alphabets of our language find words through them!

In silence lies the actual meaning, and the wait for another thought to come occupy our mind. Amongst a lot of chaos and turbulence our subconscious gets overwhelmed - we get caught up in our minds! Why not whistle that silence inside you once in a while? Make your silence heard, if not in so many words but still with a certain familiarity. Listen, the silence does speak.

About the Author

The book 'Whistling Silence' is the whistle of a bunch of people who have never met, yet have found that matching frequency to unite as a voice. The group 'Poignant Painters' represents the bond they share and this book represents their collective mind. Their love for poetry got them together and here they have spoken their heart!

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