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Whispers of Sahra : A Tale of Two Girls | Courageous Story | Epic Journey of Changing Life

Author | Akhil Vishnu Muralidharan Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9788119445660 Pages | 330

About the Book:

In a world torn apart by darkness and despair, two girls, separated by fate but united by a shared struggle, find themselves thrust into a war, where they uncover the truth behind the wretched forces threatening their homes.

Adi, a resilient Sahran girl, leads her people against impending doom. Ana, driven by curiosity, uncovers the truth connecting their destinies. As their paths intertwine, they forge a friendship, defying fear to embrace their roles. With newfound allies, they challenge malevolent forces, restoring hope to their shattered homes.

Will they conquer adversity or succumb to relentless darkness? In this gripping tale of courage, their epic journey will test their spirits, forever changing their lives.

About the Author:

Akhil Vishnu Muralidharan, a native of Trivandrum, Kerala, India, embarked on his writing journey with this debut novel, carving out time amid the bustling schedules of corporate and personal life. During his college years, Akhil flirted in writing casual journals and short stories. After completing his professional studies by 2012, he ventured into entrepreneurship, co-founding two startups.

In the winter of ‘22, Akhil wholeheartedly committed to realising his lifelong dream of becoming a published novelist. And so, he translated his vision into the pages of his debut work in 10 months. His writing is characterised by a fervent desire to not only transport readers to uncharted realms but also to ignite thoughts that lingers long, even after the final page is turned.

Beyond the worlds of his creative musings, Akhil finds solace in travel, reading, and indulging in the hobby of astrophotography. Presently, Akhil is immersed in an exciting new venture centred around the realms of IoT and Artificial Intelligence.

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