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War Cry

Author | Sunita Singh Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789395374712 Pages | 258

About the Book:

There was an illusion of timelessness in the fabled and exotic capital of Oudh. The tonga carrying the beautiful nautch girl Samaira passed through the narrow lanes of Lucknow, heading to Haseina Begum's kotha.

Charles Hamilton, the young, dashing military officer, bid a teary goodbye to his family in Scotland and boarded a ship to India to join the British East India Company.

They never knew their lives would get entangled in a whirlwind tale of love and hate, brotherhood and enmity, valour and cowardice, witnessing men in their most humane and beastly forms.

The war cry had sounded. And a full bloodied battle it would be.

A historical romance set against the backdrop of the Revolt of 1857. the start of India's long struggle for Independence and the fall of the Empire on which the sun never sets.

About the Author:

Having discovered her passion for reading early on, Sunita's formative years were caught up in the world of imagination and fiction offered by books. Being a voracious reader, bestselling authors such as Jeffrey Archer, Wilbur Smith, Agatha Christie, to name a few, soon became her staple diet.

To steer this zeal for reading and writing in its rightful place, Sunita pursued Bachelor's in English, from Venketeshwara College, Delhi University. She went on to pursue her Masters's in Creative Writing from RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. There she was mentored by none other than Catherine Cole, a mystery writer herself, and a well known name in Australia's literary circles.

War Cry is her first offering to the literary world. This poignant tale of love and war that she wrote so avidly with fact based research, is bound to strike a chord with readers.

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