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Vellagiri on FB

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Author | Krishnan Seshan Iyer Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 150

About The Book:

This book is a compilation of the thoughts, views, opinions, sarcasm and responses to events posted by the author on fb. They reflect the author’s love, hate, elation, angst and other emotions which any average human displays on a daily basis. Given the wide range of topics on which the author has written, it can’t be categorized as a work of fiction, a real life story, historical, philosophical or any of the million other categories which this

world tends to put books into. This book, thus, does not have an underlying theme or structure, there is no beginning, middle and end. Probably this is an advantage, in that the reader can just open any page and start reading and still get something relevant or irrelevant. Happy reading.

About The Author:

Krishnan S Iyer is a 52 year ‘young’ man who finds humour in the darkest of places, maybe his skin colour helps it. A legal professional of 30 years, he took a short break from work in 2016. The break extended to 4 years and he is not inclined to go back to the rat race. After reciting a real-life story in May 2017 as a ‘one-off’, he ended up as a regular in the Mumbai open-mic circuit reciting stories and poetry in English and Hindi. He believes he is more popular in the circuit due to his active presence on fb than his on-stage performances. He has also acted (though Krishnan prefers ‘participated’) in a short film released during Diwali of 2018.He prefers reading light fiction, but as age progressed has gravitated to philosophy and life enhancing literature.

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