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Until you Finish it, It's Unfinished : Don't Be The Same Shit Another Day

Author | Bheemaraj Gaddad Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789394603769 Pages | 192

About the Book:

This book is about finding that intersection of skill, experience and happiness with monetary benefits. I call it our dream, which will set us free from this rate race. Once you find it, you will start to pursue it; there will be many obstacles to stop us and make us quit the journey.

In this book, I have gathered and written many doses of motivation that will dare us to keep us going, no matter what and never let us stop what we started.

I wrote this book to drive myself when my 9-5 job was not providing me enough motivation. I want this book to be a motivational treasure, which will keep me inspired when I return for it. I want to read this book simply to have that motivational boost anytime I need it. I made an effort to gather all of the excellent quotations that sparked my interest and gave me the fire I desired. Even I had written a few words that kept repeating in my head and helped me restore my strength when I was feeling low, and these quotations helped me push myself up and start working toward the next task in the pursuit of my dream.

About the Author:

Bheemaraj Gaddad, the author of "Until You Finish it, It's Unfinished." has an MBA in Finance and is an accredited Data Analyst. He has over a decade of experience working with Fortune 500 companies including Diageo, Accenture, and Capgemini.

In addition to his professional engagement, he ran other enterprises, including a clothes firm and cab service.

He is constantly seeking invigorating experiences and strives to support individuals in conquering their personal and professional challenges. He has a unique perspective on life; based on his observations of all the problems he solved for himself and his friends, he actually realized that there are several individuals who need similar inspiration in their tough times. This book is thus a result of his need to equip all those who needed a word of inspiration to stay tuned to life and be successful. 

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