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Under The Canopy of Stars

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Author | Nachi Keta Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 172

About book:

One night,two strangers, a high school biology teacher and a government servant, find themselves together all of a sudden. In a dream. That they are dreaming together. They meet, and they talk... and they continue living through the worlds their dreams put in, the Tajmahal, in Paris railway station, in a french gallery, in New York City, in Utah... and of course: a post office of a small village. Their not-so-adventurous adventures and their boring tedious life, in which they try to understand the ‘new world’, experiment, go through some very strange experiences, alone as well as together, become better partners to their respective spouses. It’s like… a kitchen-sink treasure hunt, like an odyssey through a science fiction plane, where the treasure they find is themselves, perhaps. A fantasy novella without dragons, ghosts and fairies, and with just two people, and their married life... and love between them. And a series of common dreams, all: under the canopy of stars. A love story. But not one. 

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