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Bestselling Combo of 4 Gripping Thriller Tales | Murder Mysteries | Modern Day Fast-Paced Thrillers

Author | Himanshu Ital, Zack Miller, Laxmi Natraj Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | combo Pages | 918

Rs. 1083

"Bestselling Combo of 4 Gripping Thriller Tales | Murder Mysteries | Modern Day Fast-Paced Thrillers

Mystery books are intellectually engaging, mindboggling, and spine-chilling. They leave you pondering upon the facts, storyline, and plot twists. This book combo is perfect to be read on lazy afternoons or to celebrate the new found love for reading books. This combo can be gifted to your near and dear ones on their special days. This mystery book combo keeps you wanting for more. 

Nameless Girl & The Song of Destiny

Aarav Patil, a psychologist by profession, is still haunted by his terrible past but finds support and refuge in his best friend. He later finds out that his best friend is murdered brutally. Police find Aarav in suspicion of the murder, when all of a sudden a fifteen-year-old girl surrenders accepting the crime. She starts singing ‘the song of destiny’ which prophesies future events. She says that five more will die, including herself and Aarav. Haunting, right? Read the book by Himanshu Ital, who teaches budding civil engineers in his coaching class and writes his heart out in his free time. This is his debut novel.

God Mode : A Predator who is Targeting Teenagers in a Way Unheard of

A cop, once hugely celebrated for his sharp ways, now stands demoted; thanks to a series of youngsters missing from the city, over the last few months. He’s taking it on his chin with grace, but that’s not going to be enough. He’s got to find the link. Zack Miller tries to crack what seems like a curious addiction of his orphaned nephew, a chance discovery of a rotting dead body of another young change the course of things. To find out what comes next, get your hands on this book by Zack Miller. Self-made, determined, and driven are the words that describe the protagonist of his debut novel and the author, Sagar Kambli just as well.

A Bride, A Murder & A Trail Of Blood

A newly married bride starting her life in a modern neighborhood is spotted with bruises and wounds by almost everyone, clearly pointing to a dark case of of domestic violence. When the flat is discovered with blood spills and visible signs of violence in the house, there is an obvious possibility of a brutal attack or even a murder of the bride. Both the bride and husband Professor are missing. Read on to discover why this book was launched by the Honourable Education Minister Shri Vinod Tawde. The author Laxmi Natraj is an educator with 35 years of teaching experience.

The Deception Moment

‘The Deception Moment’ is a fast-paced thriller intensified by a larger-than-life protagonist, Devavrat Deshpande, an officer of RAW, India. A crime investigation eventually leads the protagonist to an even bigger conspiracy. While working on a government-supported secret mission, a single flaw would lead Devavrat to his execution. The author Sathya Sam is also the author of a successful book titled ‘Gauri..!!’ and was a professor by profession. With a doctorate in management, his expertise lies in digital marketing. He is a regular blogger and runs an exclusive site to express his ideologies to the world. 


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