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Three Bestselling Mystery Novel Combo

Author | Sathya Sam, Sulaiman Sait, Kanishka Chholak Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | combo Pages | 478

"Three Bestselling Mystery Novel Combo

Full of details, twists, turns, mind boggling story, interesting plot, adrenaline rush, and exciting revelations - the mystery books always have your back when you want to read something offbeat, offtrack yet touching your heart and mind. Get this combo and start the journey of a great experience. 

The Deception Moment

‘The Deception Moment’ is a fast-paced thriller intensified by a larger-than-life protagonist, Devavrat Deshpande, an officer of RAW, India. A crime investigation eventually leads the protagonist to an even bigger conspiracy. While working on a government-supported secret mission, a single flaw would lead Devavrat to his execution. The author Sathya Sam is also the author of a successful book titled ‘Gauri..!!’ and was a professor by profession. With a doctorate in management, his expertise lies in digital marketing. He is a regular blogger and runs an exclusive site to express his ideologies to the world.

The Blind Trial

The book is a medical thriller. The story revolves around a young PG doctor (Dr. Nitin) who witnesses a series of unexplained cardiac deaths happening at the hospital. Just as he decided to find out the reason behind it, he comes to know that all the deaths are happening because of a blind trial (a clinical trial). He decides to act bravely and save many more people from becoming a victim of this trial and that's when he comes across myriad challenges and finds out the shocking reason behind all these deaths. The author Dr. Mohammed Sulaiman Sait J is a clinical pharmacology researcher from Chennai, working in the field of Clinical Trials after his graduation.

The Imprisoned Man

Pavel lived happily with his family in St. Petersburg. But things went wrong in the government of Tsar. World War I turned Russia upside down and things after that turned from bad to worse. It started with something which frightened Pavel a lot and ended with Pavel left with nothing. In the journey of life, Pavel lost all beloved people, one by one, who were fighting for a change. Find out what next by reading this book penned by Kanishka Chholak, a fifteen-year-old Bhavanite, a sparkling young writer who is a cheerful girl with an amusing personality.


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