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They Took it All : A Journey Through a Divided Nation

Author | Subrata Purkayastha Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789388698993 Pages | 178

About the Book:

Subrata was a happy child, devoid of any anxiety and despair. His life was peaceful, bereft of any struggles. He had a good house, loving parents, friendly neighbors and siblings who loved him dearly. He spent his days playing made-up games, swimming in the nearby pond or going hunting for mangoes. He believed that his life wouldn't change; but there were sinister powers at play, and they had a darker agenda.

The stage is set for a nation ablaze as communal violence runs amok among its citizens. Friendships were broken and neighbourly courtesy ended with a knife in the back. Subrata and his family must escape but they can not do it alone. They are being hunted by nefarious forces who are fixated on one thing only; the total annihilation of his family. They must pursue shelter and a new place to call home, which led to a journey of despair, grief and anguish which began on a bullock cart. Desperate to find safe haven and build a better life for themselves, they endure and persevere.

Subrata watches and narrates the story of his family, the hurdles they faced, the enemies they made and the friends that have etched their names into the gilded hall of heroes.

About the Author:

Born in Sylhet in undivided India (now in Bangladesh) in 1942, he had a tumultuous childhood till the age of 10 until his eldest brother found a good job in India, and the family settled down.

Youngest in the family, but brightest in studies, he left his mark at every corner. He won Scholarships in Class III, Class VI and of course an all-winning one in Class X. After this, it was a journey of no return: in College in Shillong with highly-paid Scholarship and later in Engineering in Jadavpur University with fully compensated boarding, lodging and other expenses.

He worked in well-known companies and rose to the top position in the shortest possible time. He worked in MNCs in India and abroad for long years and continues to work till date. Today, he is engaged in Kolkata in a new field of activity. He has left a mark wherever he has worked.

His travels and work have taken halfway round the world, starting from Japan, Leningrad, Moscow, Netherland, Middle East, South East Asia, Norway, Sweden, Vietnam, Thailand. He has lived in Bombay, Bhopal, Delhi, Hyderabad, Quilon, Madras, Calcutta (in India) and in Muscat, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, London, Edinburgh etc. (abroad).

Each stay has been a learning time for him with respect to its people and its culture.

Work was always been his priority. He has been associated with lot of charity organizations and has been contributing to the welfare of its members to the best of his abilities. Quality in all aspects of activities has been his forte.

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