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Their Little Universe

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Author | Mariya Abid Ali Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 86

About the Book:

A guy who feeds street animals and knows every barista in his locality, Kabir, is the most sensitive person you’ll ever meet. He has his head straight as to what he expects from life yet fails to give it some air. He accidentally meets a girl who seems to notice nuances about him; nobody else could. Amaira, who never takes things seriously, and Kabir, who does exactly the opposite. Amaira, who has high walls surrounding her, and Kabir, who is vulnerable as ever.

Both of them navigate through life in their own ways. Walking through fragile relationships and stubborn parents. The only problem is: that they think their issues are the center of existence. Do they find comfort in their little universe? Or do they spend their lives resenting the past?

About the Author:

Mariya Ali is an 18-year-old writer coming from Nagpur who loves to socialize. She's currently studying humanities and may pursue a career in Psychology. Mariya has been into literature most of her life and has never missed a chance to participate in elocutions and debate competitions. She does her best work sitting in a busy café or under the sun in her veranda.

Among the numerous writing pieces that she has produced, this is the first young adult fiction that she's offering the world to own. Getting inspired by the little things, her main magnet has always been her family and the chaos of everyday life. Mariya likes her characters to be simple yet emanating raw, complex human emotions. Her influence in writing this novel came from the idea of how her words had the power to change mindsets.

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