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The World in lockdown


Peeyush Pandit
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About the book:

Covid 19 lockdown, a moral obligation, prevention, or a breakthrough? Find it yourself through this

creation by the very iconic, multifaceted author Peeyush Pandit.

The book is centered around the various intricacies of the pandemic wherein the author goes on to

illustrate the Psychological impact of the lockdown with the motive of proffering his readers a newer

and a greater dimension to the mindset of the mankind under a lockdown.

The novel is a fruition of how constructive the Quarantine days have been. It enlightens you to the

certitudes that how this mass shutdown across the globe in nurturing creative pursuits in one’s life and

how the nature is slowly rejuvenating and regaining its pristine beauty amidst the pandemic.

The author has also raised several questions for the sake of the young generation and highlighted over

the efforts of the concerned authorities. You get to discover through this book how the lockdown is a

boon for the Minds that possess proclivity for contemplating with the ideas.

About the author:

Peeyush Pandit is the founder of Swarna Bharat Parivar and Peeyush Group. He is one of the most

Inspiring Social Activist in India. An Entrepreneur, NextGen Speaker and also runs an NGO that has

rendered its services for the welfare of the Society.

He has completed his bachelor’s degree in Legislative Law and also did Post-graduation in Social Work.

Apart from this, he is an extremely passionate writer and has written on various genres which included

political issues, romantic and mystery. His multifaceted personality and his creative pursuits are clearly

evident from his work.

He has also received worldwide recognition for his efforts and contribution for the betterment of the


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