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The Tennis Player : A Dream Unfulfilled

Author | Dr. Arabinda Dutta Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789394603417 Pages | 382

About the Book:

The whole universe is full of wonders filled with innumerable unexplained facts and truths. The present book is about an enthusiastic young man with handsome looks, the son of a high court senior judge who wanted to be in the world's top position in the field of Lawn Tennis.

He was a right fit for the sport and proceeded forward on the path he had decided, filled with enthusiasm. But his aim was disturbed and diverted by a few members of his family. He lived in a joint family comprising of five brothers, two sisters and also the family of his two uncles. While being a research student at the university, he also gained skills in Lawn Tennis game.

Unfortunately, he was mildly dragged in the world of open sex games by his two sisters. Slowly, he fell off the grid and felt disgusted. He could not rebuke his lovely sisters as he loved them too much.

One day, he decides to get rid of this undesirable and unwanted feeling by taking his life; he chooses to ingest KCN, a deadly poisonous chemical. This is the tragic story of a rising tennis star who committed suicide.

About the Author:

The author, Arabinda Dutta hails from a middle-class family. His father was a medium-rank serviceman in Ordnance Factory, Katni. He spent his childhood in Katni; and after passing matriculation, Arabinda joined Government Science College where he graduated in Chemistry with a Masters degree in the merit category.

Immediately after, he pursued research with a scholarship at CSIR and proceeded to get a Doctorate after three years. After that, he was lucky enough to get a scholarship to Princeton State University, USA. However, Arabinda's father insisted that he marries before going to the USA to which the author did not agree, thereby sabotaging his future at Princeton. Later, Arabinda joined Bihar Alloys Steel Limited and retired from there as Head of the Quality Control Department. Presently, he keeps himself engaged by writing books and sharing his knowledge.

Arabinda, like the protagonist of the story, is a simple boy with average looks but very passionate about Lawn Tennis and Football. He also could not flourish in his sports interests as he remained focused on his research career.

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