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The Stamp Paper Scam : One Man, 19 Years, and Telgi's Takedown

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Author | Jayant Tinaikar Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 130

About the Book:

When truth becomes a perilous journey, and upholding it might cost you everything – even you and your family's life - would you still stand firm?  

This narrative is not a work of fiction but chronicles the valiant journey of a real-life hero who dared to bring down the criminal empire of the infamous Abdul Karim Telgi. Amidst looming threats and pervasive deceit, he remains unyielding, exposing those who thrive in secrecy and subterfuge. Amid encroaching dangers and engulfing lies, Jayant remains an immovable pillar, shedding light on those lurking in the shadows of deception.

The reward - Upholding the pride of India and uncovering ₹ INR 30,000 Cr scam.

Delve into this riveting account that not only exposes the malignancy of corruption eating into society's fabric but also heralds the invincible power of truth and determination.

About the Author:

Jayant Mukund Tinaikar is a courageous social activist dedicated to exposing corruption within India's government and society. Born at Khanapur, he gained nationwide recognition in 2001 for revealing a massive counterfeit stamp paper scandal, leading to the apprehension of hundreds and the confiscation of over Rs 4,000 crore in property. Despite facing threats and adversity, his unwavering determination and pursuit of justice stand as a testament to the power of individual action for positive change.

As a fearless advocate for fairness, Jayant Mukund Tinaikar keeps motivating others to oppose corruption and wrongdoing. His ability to stay strong during tough times and his role in uncovering hidden scandals are a great example of how one person's determination can bring good changes to society.

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