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The Squad : Journey to the Depth of the Moon

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Author | Ajab Jambughodawala Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 218

About the Book:

After a tiring yet joyful day, the members of the Squad, a group of five teenagers, Amella, Aden, Liam, Diana and Fatima, find themselves with a mysterious box. Being teenagers, at first, they don’t take it seriously; who would? But, soon, things escalate with one clue leading to another; and the confession of a spy hinting at an impossible mission.

Left with making a choice, which way will they go? Flip the pages of the book to find out all the answers.

About the Author:

Living in the small town of Godhra (Gujarat, India), Ajab Jambughodawala is an ambitious girl. She has big dreams, dreams she is determined to fulfil.

She wants to become a writer who makes her readers’ hearts flutter with the magic she wields with words. She hopes people will read what she expresses and resonate with her. 

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