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The Play and Other Stories

Author | Ciara Padale Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789392661808 Pages | 116

About the Book:

They all went inside; Lily said, “Wow Daddy, everything here is made of gold.”

Michael thought, today daddy refused to go right, but tomorrow I will take that lane all by myself, Daisy is unwell; so I can go alone.

“Cia, this is a village; here people like to sit on the fresh grass” said her Pati (grandmother).

Lily, who is planning to stage a play with her friends, Michael, a mischief-maker who learns magic and creates trouble for his best friend and a grandmother who loves her granddaughter dearly. You will find a part of yourself in all of them, and they will leave a part of themselves with you. This book teaches you to appreciate the simple things in life and promises a trip to your childhood days.  

About the Author:

Ciara Padale was born in 2012 in the city of Mumbai, Maharashtra.

She is an all-rounder of sorts and is passionate about writing, baking, languages, cooking, dancing, singing and sports. English being her favorite subject in school, she has won prizes in elocution and storytelling competitions at the school level and gold medals in English competitive exams at the interschool level. To travel the world and to become a renowned author are her dreams. She draws inspiration from her favorite authors - Roald Dahl and Sudha Murty. 

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