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The Mystical Life of Zaheer Zahabi

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Author | Mariyam Chikani Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 124

About the Book:

Zaheer stumbles upon a magical bag – Zafar, which has an unusual power to read minds. He plans to use Zafar The Bag in extricating the hurdles from his life.

Do you think he will be successful in doing so? Will he see the world in the same way or his perspective change? Will his life be the same or will some repercussions follow his path?

Read on to know whether Zafar The Bag eases his life or invites more unforeseen troubles.

About the Author:

Mariyam Chikani is a staunch believer in the Almighty. She is an idealistic and easy-going person. She is passionate about learning and trying new things. From archery to penning down a book, she has tried it all. Drinking her ginger tea, sip by sip, and admiring the small garden she planted, is her favourite activity of all time.

Photography and calligraphy are skills she learned on her own. She dreams to fulfil the purpose she was created for.

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