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The Knowledge in the Vedas

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Author | Sridhar Chitta Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 624

About the Book:

The book explores the relation between the Divine Reality and the ritualistic worship practised by Hindus. The first chapter describes interpretations of the symbols used by Rishis in Rig Vedic hymns and of important slokas of Isha Upanishad and also describes the Vedic and Sankhyaic Paradigms, which are frameworks for the knowledge embodying Creation. In the following three chapters, discussions of the origins of the Vedas and the evolution of Vedic auxiliary texts are provided. In most Hindu households, worshippers seldom discuss the spiritual significance of mantras and sthothrams making it appear that the Gods they worship are different from reality. The fifth and following chapters are interpretations of the Lalitha and Vishnu sahasranaamas, Ganapathi Vaibhavam, Sri Rudra and Gajendra Moksham including their spiritual context. 

About the Author:

Sridhar Chitta is a retired Professor of Electronics and Communication Engineering after several years of service in industries in India, the Middle East and Canada.

When discussing spiritual matters with friends and colleagues, he noted their lack of awareness of the spiritual context of daily worship and felt a strong desire to write a book that discusses the connection. Sri Aurobindo's scholarly interpretation of the Vedas and Upanishads made a deep impression on him and led him to explore the spiritual significance of the sahasranaamas and sthothrams of Hindu Devathas. After spending more than 5 years researching and listening to a few hundred discourses, he began writing The Knowledge in the Vedas in 2018. He presently resides in Hyderabad, India and continues to explore spirituality.

He has also authored Fundamentals of Electric Theory and Circuits, marketed by Wiley, India. 

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