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The Imprisoned Man

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Author | Kanishka Chholak Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 108

About The Book

‘The incident of bloody Sunday turned the lives of many people upside down. It didn't harm me but confirmed one thing, that it will definitely harm Russia. It gave me a little understanding that everything in Russia is not going to be good in future. People were not happy with the Tsar. It was just that they needed a suitable place and suitable time to attack.’

Pavel lived happily with his family in St. Petersburg. But things went wrong in the government of Tsar. World War I turned Russia upside down and things after that turned from bad to worse. It started with something which frightened Pavel a lot and ended with Pavel left with nothing. In the journey of life, Pavel lost all beloved people, one by one, who were fighting for a change…..

About The Author

Kanishka Chholak is a fifteen-year-old Bhavanite, a sparkling young writer who is a cheerful girl with an amusing personality. She is a devoted reader and loves to be in the company of her friends. She is a nature-lover and enjoys capturing its beauty in her camera. Kanishka is a passionate writer and photographer. She also practices yoga meticulously and is a dramatist, speaker and a debater. She has written a number of short stories and poems with interesting messages for the readers. She dreams to explore the world and desires to inspire people through her writing.

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