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The Great Rock Music Quiz book


Verus Ferreira
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About the Book:

The 16 chapters in the book examine the life and times of prominent rock music artists in a totally new style that details their biography in a quiz format, a fun and entertaining way, rather than reading a lengthy biography of the artist. A few chapters also have rare and exclusive photos of a few rock artists who have performed in India.

There are 5 extra chapters, the first on Gospel Music, followed by 'In Memory of' that deals with rock musicians who are no longer with us, but whose music has left a deep impact on the minds and lives of those who love them. 'Quotes from the Rockers' says it all, and is followed by 'Code of Conduct' that offers a dos and don'ts for attending a rock concert, detailing the way one should dress, and how one should act. Lastly 'Rock goes Mickey' shows the funny side of rock music artists. The main purpose of the book is purely to inform and increase a music lover's thirst to know his music better and his favorite rock music artists.

The book contains something for every rock music fan, following the lives and work of rock's best known idols past and present, who have shaped the world of rock music. THE GREAT ROCK MUSIC QUIZ BOOK is the perfect companion at family get togethers, picnics, and parties and also makes an ideal gift for any occasion. The offers a unique insight into the world the author has seen and heard, into the good, the bad and the ugly of rock.

About The Author

As a freelance journalist, Verus began his writing career with the youth magazine The Teenager in 1992. He has over twenty five years of experience in entertainment journalism with the Indian media and has contributed for a variety of leading newspapers and magazines. Besides this, he also selects the onboard audio and video playlists for various international airlines.

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