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The Goofy Monkey : Funny and Educational Story for Children

Author | Pranay Varma and Madhavi Prabha Publisher | Mountain Hawk Publications ISBN | 9781735668017 Pages | 26

About the Book:

Kapi is a goofy monkey who keeps playing tricks on villagers. The villagers don’t know who the trickster is. Will they ever find out?

About the Author:

Pranay and Madhavi are a married couple who have been living in Silicon Valley for the past thirty years. While raising their kids in America, the authors realised the need for Indian children to connect with their Indian roots, culture, and values. This book is one of a series that attempts to bridge this gap with rhyming stories that are funny and educational. The authors believe that, with their universal messages, the books will appeal to kids everywhere.

Madhavi Prabha has over a decade of experience teaching children. Her background as an artist and her understanding of the child psyche informs her writing style.

Pranay Varma has worked in the software industry for several years. He has a passion for languages and creative writing.

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