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The Gods of Time

Author | Dhanush Karunakar Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789392661051 Pages | 194

About the Book:

Love defies logic, sometimes even reality.

Do you believe in an alternate reality? A mirror world where all your wishes have come true and your life is picture-perfect.

Tanush never believed in such miracles, until one fateful day, a mischievous letter takes him across the sea, accompanied by a mysterious figure, onto a picturesque “Island of Regrets,” where he plays a momentous “Decimal Board Game” to earn “A Second Chance” at happiness, health, and love…

But, is the mirror world really as wonderful as it appears on the reflection?

About the Author:

“Love is an inexplicable cocktail of emotions.”

“Sun is the source of physical life while Love is that of a spiritual one.”

- Dhanukar

Dhanukar is the pen name of Dhanush Karunakar. He holds a dummy degree in “Cinephilia” and a phoney diploma in “Bibliophilia”. He is a software engineer in Bangalore by day and a dreamer of fantastical stories by night.

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