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The Future King - Rise of the Sorcerer: Destiny Awaits in the Shadows of Magic | Pre-Order

Author | Vishnul Jain Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9798989150922 Pages | 251

About the Book:


Morgana is Stronger than Ever!

The Order of Rhamnusia has managed to free Morgana. Now, the wicked sorceress is back and is plotting her revenge. She has her sights on Merlin and has a score to settle as to who is the world’s most powerful magical. Backed by the world’s most powerful magical order, Morgana truly is stronger than before.

From Tragedy to Hero?

Once the ultimate wizard, Merlin couldn’t save King Arthur and decided to hang up his powers for good. But now, dark forces are back, and they're stronger than ever. The world needs its magical hero back—stat! Can Merlin find the courage to step up?

The Coolest Redemption Story!

People say everyone deserves a second chance. Well, for Merlin, this is it. He's got one more shot to make things right, save the world, save the returned king, and maybe—just maybe—become the greatest hero ever. Will he take it?

About the Author:


Vishnul Jain was born in Australia. He is an avid mythology and history enthusiast. Mythology is the essence of human civilization and upon travel-ing the world, Vishnul began to appreciate mythology’s impact on cultures. Moreover, Vishnul has been faceting gemstones, including colored diamonds, for years. Much like mythology, gemstones tell a story that is deep-rooted. Growing up, magic and fantasy colored Vishnul’s imagination. They provided hope, optimism, and most importantly endless possibilities. Vishnul hopes that the next generation of young readers and readers young at heart will use this series to do the same for them.

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