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The Freedom of Being Human

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Author | Rabjot Singh Isher Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 200

About the Book:

The story incorporates the essence of Belief & Non belief. It explores the psychology of human experience, thinking & behavior. It contemplates whether ethics, morality, revenge, hate, are relative terms. More importantly, it speaks about love.

It depicts the constant struggle of few individuals. The clash of their ideologies & their love and hate towards each other. Each one of them seek satisfaction through the fulfillment of their motives. 

The story explores the human capability to make truly free and uncorrupted choices, which are not influenced by experiences, conditioning or even destiny. It highlights various facets of our existence which has baffled the greatest of minds since the dawn of civilization.

Further, it encourages the readers to derive their own conclusions for it instills a sense of appreciation in them before they could jump to the criteria of success, failure or judgment. Every human life is uniquely different and thus must be understood by different frames of reference.

In the end, I would say the book carries a simple message :

"The dignity is not in being born as a human, but in relishing the potential of what one can become as a human and this is where each one of us individually express the freedom of being human”

About the Author:

"Rabjot Singh Isher" is a native of Jammu city and his writings capture the essence of Human Psychology, Spirituality, and Modern Science. His write ups and quotes are available on his wall and pages at Facebook as well as Instagram.

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