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The Epiphany of My Life

Author | Manu Devassia Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789391116927 Pages | 84

About the Book:

The Epiphany Of My Life' is marked by the lyrical beauty and inspirational insight that can touch the heart of any poetry lover. This collection brings together the finest works of a young poet who was motivated to utilise the empty spaces of his life for something aesthetic and creative. This book is for those who seek the true meaning of life and for those overwhelmed by the hypocrisies of the world. Each poem in this book throws light into the poet's life and the emotions he experienced in a short span of his life.

The poet, through his thoughts, tries to imply that time will reveal the essence and the meaning of life, though at uncertain moments. The book beautifully portrays the following:

· A child's concept of God and heaven

· The gift of parenthood as a superhero tale

· Hardships of life as a source of creative initiatives

· The revelation of life at distinct phases of it

· Romance and love as fleeting and permanent shades

· Family and nature as cures for disheartened souls

· Death and the realisation it brings

· The true meaning of manhood and womanhood

· Role of education in enlightening ignorant minds

About the Author:

Manu Devassia is an enthusiastic, young self-motivated writer from God's Own Country, Kerala, India. He is a passionate English teacher by profession. After his graduation in Philosophy from De Sales University, USA, he pursued his post-graduation in English literature.

He is a multi-faceted person who has won prizes for his short films, stories and poems. His other areas of interest include Magic, mentalism, music and psychology.

The various challenges he faced in life inspired him to devote a part of his leisure time to express his thoughts in prose and poetry. The inner reflection of a self-made person, who often reflects on life, is evident in most of his written works.

He intends to pursue a course in psychology, an area in which he has a keen interest.

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