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The Biryani Leader: Spice Up Your Management Style

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Author | Harpal Singh Sokhi Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 138

About the Book:

Biryani is not just a comfort food; it is also considered the king of foods! Renowned for its rich flavor and distinct aroma, it stands out as a dish that can satiate and satisfy anyone's hunger.

From the time when the Mughal queen Mumtaz ordered her royal chef to prepare it for her army, to the present day where chefs across the country have developed their own unique styles, biryani has earned a special place in the hearts of both children and adults.

But did you know that Biryani can also be a great teacher?

Indeed, biryani offers valuable lessons on management. Although it is often enjoyed as a communal experience at the dinner table, it holds insights applicable to various aspects of leadership.

In this book, Chef Harpal takes you on a journey through the world of biryani and demonstrates how this single dish can pave the way for anyone to become a great leader. Chef Harpal delves into topics such as avoiding overcooking, preventing employee burnout, fostering adaptability, crafting effective strategies, harnessing the power of brown onions and salt, upholding kitchen and workplace ethics, and developing both short-term and long-term plans for organizations. By exploring the process of making biryani, he dishes out success and demonstrates how it can be translated into the realm of management.

About the Author:

Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, known as the real Salt Man of India and popular for his tagline #namakshamak, is a truly multi-talented individual.

His culinary expertise has been recognized and celebrated. The restaurant, Karigari by Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi, was awarded the Best Chef-driven Restaurant by the Indian Restaurant Congress in 2022. Additionally, it received the accolade of Most Admired Food Service Launch of the Year’s New Outlet by the Images Food Service Awards. His contributions to the hospitality industry have also been acknowledged through awards such as the Silver Winner by the Indian Hospitality Excellence Awards 2022 and the Celebrity Chef of the Year 2022 by FoodFoodTV.

Chef Harpal’s popular show, Turban Tadka, not only holds the distinction of being the highest-rated culinary show in television history but also brings joy to millions of viewers.

Beyond television, Chef Harpal has written books, developed his own brand of culinary products, and is involved in consulting and the food business. His ultimate vision is to elevate Indian cuisine to the global stage through fine dining restaurants.

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