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The Bhagavad Gita : Arjuna's Spiritual Journey with Krishna, The Teacher | Free Preview

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Author | Bidyut Kumar Chandra Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 20

About the Book:

The Blessed Lord's teachings in the Gita involving the fallacies of transience and eternalism of life are exceedingly profound. One journeying in the uncharted waters of Vedic philosophy may encounter the challenges of terseness in few Shlokas and inscrutability in some others. It is said that ten per cent of the 700 Shlokas are quite difficult to translate as their meanings are not quite transparent.

Metaphysical ideas, like concepts of Self, Sacrifice, Sansaravrksa (world tree) and any other posited reality which cannot be reached through objective studies of material reality are obviously beyond human sense perception. The book is especially for those readers of the English language who wish to understand these and other basic tenets of Hinduism. The Gita having a unique pan-Hindu influence, the book is equally relevant to all devotees of Lord Krishna and His spiritual teachings.

Efforts have been made to simplify and make translation of these verses a little more intelligible by adding appropriate, equivalent, and parallel words, phrases, and idioms. But the true realisation of these concepts can only be achieved by constant practice in conjunction with Yoga and Meditation.  

About the Author:

Bidyut Kumar Chandra (born 1942), a post-graduate in public health engineering studied Planning in Project Planning Centre of Bradford University. He joined the Odisha Government in the year 1964 and retired from the position of Chief Engineer (Public Health) in 2000.

Once he demitted the office, he devoted his time to travelling, reading, and visiting historically important places for an immersive experience to unwound the accumulated monotony. Besides, he visited traditional and ISKCON temples here and abroad to offer obeisance in solitude.


Back home, he wrote two books on cricket: 'The Siege of Indian Cricket (2000-2008)' was published in 2009, but the publishing of his second book 'Purusha and Prakriti of Indian Cricket: sattva, rajas and tamas' was adjourned in favour of the author's present work of translation of the Bhagavad Gita.


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