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The Astral Song

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Author | Stuti Sharma Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 60

About the Book:

'The Astral Song' is a medium, to spread the humble message about self-love, self-discovery and emotions to places far beyond. Aiming at helping every reader catch a glimpse into the inner self through the words strung on paper, it is a fusion of themes touching upon the cosmos, relationships, feelings and the nature of life.

A product of how the mind works, bonds and the inspired descriptions of people, beliefs of universe functions and its hidden mysteries, a constant contrast between destiny and self, human touch and everything ranging from magical ambushes to simple experiences. It conveys emotions, at their basics, covering everything from absolute and blinding rejuvination to never-recovering dejection, the righteousness of human bonds to the ever-philosophical connection between mortals and the infinity.

About the Author:

Stuti Sharma, a young and budding author, hails from the bustling metropolitan city of Mumbai. At the age of merely seventeen, she has successfully completed her maiden book which she proudly presents as 'The Astral Song'. Being a high school student at the Bombay Scottish School (Mahim), Stuti has established a fine balance between her superior academic records and involvement in extra-curricular interests. Apart from her deep passions in Psychology and public speaking, she loves studying Literature. Her writing prowess has been showcased at multiple intra-school and inter-school competitions in the city in not only English but also Hindi.

This very attraction to the world of words and letters and a natural creative side have been amalgamated to produce this collection of poems. Soon to pursue a Psychology Major and start her journey towards a career in this field, Stuti solidifies her complementary creative writing by inviting the world to immerse itself in the lilting of the divine astral song.


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