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The Doctor's Daughter & Ultimate Mischief Destination (Combo)

Author | Disha Mangal Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | COMBO Pages | 226

Ultimate Mischief Destination

Set in a place where you are expected to be mischievous. This is a narrative of a 14 year old girl describing her ONE day at her second home, i.e., school. The narrative touches every corner of those six hours of her school, from the cruelties of Aryabhatta to an ant stealing a piece of Na 2 Co 3, from the morning prayers to afternoon mischief over water bottles. From the despotic Hitler to the plays of Rome, from migration to back rows to basketball game. The story includes her interesting set of teachers interacting with her peculiar friends in the queerest possible situations which will make the reader laugh and dive into their memories. A fictional work which is a combination of mischief, sweet memories and laughter.

The Doctor's Daughter

The story of the pandemic narrated by a doctor's daughter. For the common people, the pandemic meant being locked in their rooms, houseful homes, family time, and news getting worse, but for a family of doctors, it was totally different. From knowing scary stories from the inside of the hospitals to the risk of getting exposed to the virus, from prayers to no family time, from being denied proper weapons for the war to staying compassionate. The pandemic surely hit the families of the "Corona Warriors" in a different manner. Illustrating the same is the narrative of a child from a family of warriors.  

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