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Bestselling Combo of 3 Must Read Books for Teenagers

Author | Pratik Bharat Palor, Vinodini Parimi, Madhura Amritkar Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Combo Pages | 433

Bestselling Combo of 3 Must Read Books for Teenagers

Teenage is a concoction of changing perspectives, rebellious statements, evolving emotions, unlearning & learning, adrenaline rush and a lot of experiences - bitter & sweet. Some lessons and teachings come in active ways and some need to come via great books. This Bestselling Combo for Teenagers is a great gift for the growing teens and young adults.

80 - Quettes : Conduct is the Key

Written in the form of a mother-daughter conversation, and written by Pratik Bharat Palor, this book is here to guide you on what to do and what to avoid in 40 different combinations of humans, venues and situations. Known to be a thorough gentleman and an animated personality, Pratik has been a role model of mannerism for the people around him.

Before You're Not Little Anymore

Written in the form of letters to an adolescent son, and written by Vinodini Parimi, this book is an attempt to address the A to Z of important life skills. It elaborates on how to handle situations, curveballs, and even emotions to assist teens on their journey of adulthood. Vinodini Parimi is a design professional who reconnected with her childhood love for writing.

Teen Tales - The Beginning of A Journey

Written in the form of highs and lows of a young girl, and written by Madhura Amritkar, this book is full of relatable short stories that are teen-centric and revolve around themes like friendship, rejection, humor and imagination. Madhura Amritkar is a budding Indian teenage author.

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