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Speed Reading Course


Swanand Kadam
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Online Course

About the Course:

How do you finish that endless reading list you always wanted to? And when you eventually get into that reading process, how do you process all that new information? In this course, Swanand Kadam will teach you a system for extracting information from the books you read, so that you get more reading done, learn more, and make that information more useful to you in the future.

Also, how amazing would it be, if we can read 10x faster than our normal speed? A simple book that you want to read but you just can't find the time to finish it, after finishing this effective reading course, you will know about speed reading too.

By learning and applying the principles in this effective reading course, you will be able to effectively implement a practical reading system that you can use in different areas in your life.

The more you learn, the more you earn, now is the time for you to explore your fullest potential.

The course is divided into following parts:

Phase 1: Pre-Reading:

Introduction to Pre Reading

CHAPTER 1- How to Pick Up the Right Book

CHAPTER 2 - Getting Overview of the Book 

 CHAPTER 3 - Understanding Author

Phase 2- Reading

Introduction to Reading

CHAPTER 1- 5 Page Analysis Method

CHAPTER 2- Recalling What You Read

CHAPTER 3- Deciding a Speed

CHAPTER 4 - Understanding Eye Movement

CHAPTER 5 - Speed Reading

Phase 3- Post-Reading

Introduction to post reading

Tip #1- Extract 5 Key Ideas

Tip #2- Write 1 Page Summary

Tip #3- Write Down Most Valuable Page Numbers

Complete Course Summary

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About the trainer:

Swanand Kadam is known among youngsters who seek to improve their life. He is best known for his self-help videos on YouTube and articles on Quora. Swanand’s articles have been seen by around 3 million people around the globe and shared over 3k times. You can see his self-help content on Quora and YouTube channel.

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