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Somewhere Around Dawn : A Collection of Poems Rooting for Love and Life

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Author | Rita Simson Fernandez Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 214

About the Book:

'Somewhere Around Dawn' is a compilation of 100 poems written over the course of two years. The book encompasses human emotions, relationships and the impact we have on the world and each other. The book explores ideas on humanity, nature, religion and familial bonds.

The poems are drawn from the poet's personal experiences, but the presentation is such that it makes the poems relatable to the reader and connects on an emotional level. From ancestral bonds to mental health to thoughts on the human race and the inevitable end of it, Somewhere Around Dawn covers a range of topics that shines light on how a single human being can be more than just one thing. How there are different shades and versions of a person under various circumstances and phases of life. How a person is iridescent.


'Somewhere Around Dawn' is a raw, engaging, and honest collection of poems that lets us connect with ourselves and the world, rooting sincerely for love, hope, and everything bright.

About the Author:

Rita Simson Fernandez is a poet and the author of “An Endless Sunset”. She has been writing poems for more than a decade. An incorrigible dreamer, she writes mostly about human emotions, experiences, and the boundless healing of love, hope and everything bright. In awe of the simultaneous complexity and simplicity of people, she hopes that anyone who reads her work will feel a little less lonely.

A mechanical engineer by profession, she lives in Trivandrum, Kerala.


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