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Smokes And Whiskey

Author | Tejaswini Divya Naik Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789387269408 Pages | 156

About the Book:

The book is a collection of 42 poems on relationships, the ups and downs that come along with it, falling apart like rubble, but then finding oneself, gathering that strength back and building yourself up, back from that same rubble. This book would make everyone feel what poet felt while writing it, and that love is a universal thing, and her story is not unique. And the hope that this makes them see that there is a beyond and that they can come out happy and clean. And, that this makes them braver than they already are, and gives them that little extra push and strength that they probably need.

About the Author:

Tejaswini Divya Naik is an army brat, media grad, director’s assistant and fierce activist. Her social media pages ‘Satin and Gold’ help her interact with thousands of young minds every day through poetry and stories.

Recently, Tejaswini’s petitions on Change.org against YouTube and Zomato were lauded worldwide and won her a prestigious invitation to the Obama Foundation gala in Delhi to meet President Obama.

When not writing, you will find her snuggling with her Lhasa Apso named Muffin.


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