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सिंगिंग बेल (Singing Bell)


Subhash Pant
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About the Book:

These stories are based on Author’s social, political, economic, and cultural understanding. Going through the stories compiled here one can find the altering truths of the society which in turn are altering human consciousness. Stories here are woven around those tough humans who didn’t lose hope even in adverse conditions. These aren’t just compassionate stories of faith but stories of unending human joy de vivre. There are truths in our society waiting to be told and as it is the duty of every author, Mr. Pant has made an attempt to do that by elucidating the truths experienced by him.

About the Author:

Subhash Pant is a storyteller of the highest order. The common man who is betrayed in the name of development and left all alone despite all possible luxuries of life. This common man is the centre of all the stories compiled here. Mr. Pant entered the literature world a little late. He wrote ‘Gaay Ka Doodh’ in 1972 which was published in ‘Sarika’ in 1973. In theatre, he has worked as a director, screenwriter, editor and in almost every other theatrical discipline.

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