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Shades of Revenge

Author | Sandeep Mishra Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789386305824 Pages | 204


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About the Book:

Shades of Revenge is a story that dwells in everyone's hearts but takes ages to come out, and this time it has. All they desired was to be so happy that they could die.

Farhan grew up during the time when Muslims woke up with the bells of temple and Hindus rubbed their sleepy eyes only after hearing prayers from Masjids. Namrata smashed her lips over his and jerked his hands away. She slid her upper body over his bare chest and jutted out the wine bottle from the pillow and shattered his head into shards. His body glided over his own blood like a slug skidding on a sweaty night. Gayatri had two options: Life and Death. She chose Death and made it look like Life. Without a maid, the functioning of room came under Sharad's supervision which led to all the peculiar smell of cigarettes, marijuana and hash everywhere; within his clothes, at corridors and even in his life. He lived alone, cooked his own food, cleaned room once in a month, ate silently and slept with open eyes. The moon looked funny and disoriented. The road ran haphazardly beneath dim streetlights. Underneath the massive sky filled with millions of stars and extreme profoundness, Asbah ran. She ran carrying all the burdens of the treacherous world, not to cry this time but to fight back.

About he Author:

Sandeep Mishra is an Assistant Professor, an alumnus of COEP and a comedian at wee hours. He is a big fan of Tolstoy, Rushdie, and Hemingway. When not writing, he wanders around new cities, meets strangers, shares his experiences, and writes down all of it in an old fat diary gifted by his father.

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