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Bestselling Heart Stopping combo of 4 Adult Romantic Fiction Books

Author | A.J.Karan, Vikram Dhawan, Riti Prasad, Kavipriya Moorthi Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Combo Pages | 759

Bestselling Heart Stopping combo of 4 Adult Romantic Fiction

Spices are the essential ingredients that we add to our food to increase the flavor. Like spices, there are elements that writers add to monotonous love stories, heartaches, and one-sided love.These extra factors make their stories better - having an interesting plot, fascinating characters, and engrossing perspectives. Buy the combo pack and experience love stories like never before.

Sensual Attractions

Written by A.J. Karan, having more than 3 decades of experience in the Hotel Industry, this book has short stories surrounding emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, disappointment, suspense, passion & intrigue. Each of the protagonists will keep you glued with their life.

Vodka Vagina Vanity - Tales

The author Vikram Dhawan is well-traveled & passionate about world history. Inspired from the struggles of his life & the creativity of his mind, he has written this book which is about an aging yet stunning actor Sherry versus four rich and powerful married men. The story unfolds in an interesting way and a tell-all graphic autobiography is being prevented from getting published.

Wicked Temptations

This book is based on "Navras"- the nine emotions of life and a chance to notice the stories that go around us. For a change, ever wondered what it'd be like to walk in anybody else's shoes? Ever tried to fit in them? Read this book written by Riti Prasad who completed her MBA and is currently working as a Director Fragrance Development.

Dirty Martini

This book is told through the voices of Preethi and Raghu. It dissects the judgemental & opinionated attitudes of people. It is the story of a girl who leveled up into a woman surmounting everything life threw at her & metamorphosed into a new person. It is written by Kavipriya Moorthi, a movie buff, amateur baker, blogger, foodie, wanderer & an avid reader.

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