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Bestselling Sizzling Combo of 2 Adult Fiction Books

Author | A.J.Karan, Vikram Dhawan Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | Combo Pages | 425

Bestselling Sizzling Combo of 2 Adult Fiction Books

Adult fiction acts as a mirror for most of us. Tangled in the realities and stuck with imaginations, adult fiction teaches us, inspires us, forces us to think, and gives us something beautiful and meaningful. It’s popular, perhaps because it gives us a guide to the dysfunctional realities of adult life. Buy the set of books that dissects the judgemental and opinionated attitudes of people.

Sensual Attractions

Written by A.J. Karan, having more than three decades of experience in a full- time profession in the Hotel Industry, this book has short stories surrounding emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, disappointment, suspense, passion, and intrigue. Each of the protagonists will keep you glued with their life and the author has beautifully created a web of stories that you can’t escape.

Vodka Vagina Vanity - Tales of The Absurd

The author Vikram Dhawan is well-traveled, well-read and passionate about world history. Inspired from the struggles of his life and the creativity of his mind, he has written this book which is about an aging yet stunning actor Sherry versus four rich and powerful married men. The story unfolds in an interesting way and a tell-all graphic autobiography is being prevented from getting published.

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