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Rise and Ruin

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Author | Aryan Sai Nath & Varshith Reddy Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 180

About the Book:

For as long as he could remember, Edgar had always wanted more. And now he has his chance to get it. 

In the city of Kelria, wealth is power. Merchant houses hold sway over the city, enforcing their will like gangs. Anarchy rules one half of the city, avarice the other. Smoke clouds the sky as an industrial revolution begins, steel the new gold of the city.

Edgar had always wanted more. For years he’d envied the deep pockets of the merchants, and now he had his chance to take it for himself. A chance at glory, wealth and power. In a daring attempt, Edgar joins Silvio and Lucio, his closest friends and decides to take what he wants and pulls off one of Kelria’s most daring robberies in ages.

Alvaro is a nobleman turned inspector, the second son of the mighty House Reyes. Even though he’s one of the most successful inspectors of the city, he’s unsatisfied with his job. Catching petty criminals is not what he thought he would be doing when he forsook his family fortune. But the news of an audacious robbery of one of Kelria’s great houses that shook the city to its core might be just what he’s looking for.

As Edgar attempts to navigate his newfound wealth and power, Alvaro goes on an increasingly desperate search for a phantom thief. Ambition and obligation war as Kelria braces itself for an upheaval it’s never seen before.

About the Author:

Aryan is an 11th grade student who likes reading, critiquing movies, and playing basketball. When he’s not at home stressing over college and IBDP, he’s hanging out with his friends, doing everything from goofing off to working out with them. Fantasy novels have been a staple for him growing up, and his love for them has grown into a desire to create his own world and leave a mark on the genre. Having the opportunity to write this book has been an extremely exciting experience as well as a source of immense pride for him.

Varshith is a student in grade 11 studying maths along with sciences. He has an intense passion for reading and writing. He ends up spending most of his time reading fantasy or writing his thoughts down. Other than that, he enjoys playing sports including badminton and tennis. A strong interest in fantasy is what drew him to write this novel in the first place. Time that he doesn’t spend with books, he spends watching and analysing TV shows or movies. Breaking them down and analysing them for fun. Writing this book was an incredible, educational and enlightening experience that has helped him improve and work on himself along with a great sense of accomplishment.

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