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Right Behind You


Neil D S'ilva
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About the Author:

Right Behind You is a collection of 13 horror stories of different genres. The thing that connects these stories is the emotion of our inner fears that resides in all of us. We might mask these fears, we might even deny them, but they emerge when least expected and then they begin to encroach upon every aspect of our lives. In this collection of assorted horror stories, you will find noir horror, urban myths, fantasies, campfire tales, stories of phobias, gore, and even a story that takes place entirely on chat. An e-horror story, if you could call it that. Just like a rollercoaster is a source of unexpected adventure and you won’t find its shocks and thrills unless you actually ride on it, you won’t get the real experience of Right Behind You unless you read it. So, sit back, fasten your seatbelts, and plunge into the drive.

About the Author:

Neil D’Silva is an Indian author of six published books. His debut novel Maya’s New Husband earned him a lot of things, including the sobriquet ‘the scariest man in Mumbai’ and an international movie deal. Since then, he has written three short-story collections titled The Evil Eye and the Charm, Bound in Love, and Right Behind You. His other full-length novels are Pishacha and writing your product description

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