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Rays of Expressions

Author | Kiran Kumar S K Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 9789392661952 Pages | 74

About the Book:

Rays of Expressions - A refresher! This is what we all want in our busy schedule, sometimes for ourselves to unwind - be it going to the gym, listening to music, or some other de-stress activity.

This book is just a refresher with a collection of poems on various subjects. It will take you to a different world in every poem and hook you to its essence. You can relate to most of them and a few will inspire you.

In this book, Kiran Kumar dives into emotions of Love, Pain, Motivation, Redemption, and so on. He tries to explore and express them as he takes us on a journey through his lines.

Let's travel and enjoy this refresher!! 

About the Author:

Kiran Kumar is blessed to be born in a holy family - one where values are celebrated!! He is raised to act from his heart more than his brain which has made him view things differently and express them better, to an extent of becoming a Poet. Workwise, the computer has kept him busy for the past 15 years in the role of a Software Engineer.

He received a master's degree in Computer Applications from the prestigious National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal (NITK), the degree and the place changed his persona and made him a better and strong person. When the computer doesn't keep him busy, he enjoys being with Nature and relishes serenity.

He likes to express and preserve various facets of life and events around him in his writing and as a part of it, he has come up with ”Rays of Expressions”, his first book and one of the most integral parts of his life.

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