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Procrastination - An Entrepreneur journey

Author | Sai Darshini Nannapuraju Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | 978-93-92661-36-5 Pages | 62

About the Book:

While growing up, the author's ambitions gravitated towards entrepreneurship. This interest led to early exposure to reading; she was drawn to inspiring entrepreneurial stories. Since childhood, she wrote poems in her leisure time but never thought she would one day become a writer. But she always believed: “Hard work, knowledge, and perseverance towards your goal will make you achieve your dreams.”

At the initial stage of writing this book, she had only one thought in her mind, i.e. after reading this book, at least one person must get inspired and achieve their goal by overcoming the setbacks in their lives. Everyone will face many problems and failures in their lives, but the beauty of life lies in how we overcome those problems.

When you encounter any problem, instead of asking 'why me?' just say 'try me!' If you're courageous enough to face anything in your life and work hard for your dreams, then definitely you will reach greater heights in your life. I ensure this book will make you understand all these things.

“Everyone, once question yourself, if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”

About the Author:

Sai Darshini Nannapuraju was born on December 10th, 1999, in Karimnagar, Telangana, India. She was brought up in Bhatraju’s orthodox joint family. She pursued her Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science. She is currently working on a project aimed at increasing the ppm in printing machines. She has worked on various projects like “Smart Vehicle”, “Analysis and prediction of industrial accidents using machine learning,” and received panegyrics from pedagogues. Since childhood, she has been a very ambitious girl who always dreamt of achieving her dreams and working passionately towards her goals. She dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, inspired by her father, who is a forerunner business tycoon. But few life-altering events in her father’s business career made her hold a pen in her hand and write this debut book.

From her childhood, her father advised her to set a goal and work hard for it. His words got engraved in the mind of little Sai Darshini and made her more ambitious. These words made her think deep; she started analyzing things and developing an appetency to make others inspired by her writings. She desires to bring the problems faced by the colonized people into the limelight, so she started writing. Her thirst to release the colonized people from the cage of “poverty” never died. Fighting for their life and appeasing their hunger is her primary objective. To bring assertiveness to everyone, she wrote this book.  

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