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Prince Charming


Mrinaal Prem & Navpreet Kaur
StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

About the Book:

When Ashima becomes head girl with undue influences and bypassing of all morality, Deepti's remaining doubts vanish as well, as she throws all her weight behind Arun; and wins back not only a promise of revenge but - unexpectedly, and even unasked for - a return of her affections by Arun.

Just when they seemed to be on the brink of victory, something happens! Something Arun does to Deepti, that destroys her soul forever. So much is she wounded that she nearly breaks down, when faced with a prospect of being face-to-face with him again, ten years later, in a metro!

About the Authors:

Navpreet Kaur - An Aerospace engineer by profession, she loves reading at her own pace and leisure, and gathering the practical, everyday-wisdom from what she reads. Hailing from a non-descript village of Punjab, she enjoys endless dancing more than anything else.

Mrinaal Prem Swarroop Srivastava

Mrinaal is a writer, editor, a story-teller (more in real life, than on paper), poet, lyricist—basically he loves to pen down anything and everything that crosses his mind.

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