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Pradhan Mantri

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Author | Nilesh Mamgain Publisher | StoryMirror Infotech Pvt. Ltd. ISBN | ebook Pages | 158

About the Book:

The Pawn may become the Queen but then it’s only a piece at the hand of the player, the master. Who is the Queen? Who it is been played by?

Sasha who has mastered the game of puppeteering the Prime Minster, Rajiv who is the declared clown in the political game, good for nothing, Manthan, Ramakant, Hegde or someone else? After all they all have the aspiration to become the prime minister. The story revolves around the nefarious conspiracy of assassination of the Prime Minister for the greed of power. The quest is what is the conspiracy? and most important question, who the master is?

No matter what power the pieces in chess have…, it is the master who decides who lives, who dies, who must be protected, who have to be sacrificed, and above all which pawn is fit to become queen…

About the Author:

Nilesh Mamgain is an actor. He has worked in web series Aparahan, Aar Ya Paar, Trial by Fire and OTT movie Dial 100.

He began his career as a Software Developer in C++, lost his job in 2008 when Lehman Brothers crashed. He tried his hand in marketing and sales in Software and Polymers, only to find out that he was not good at it. In 2013 he first began to act and found that acting is the one thing that he enjoys and is passionate about. Thus he pursued a career in acting.

Though Nilesh came up with the story of “Pradhan Mantri” and thus the book, but his real love lies with acting.

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